about us

"Water is the source of life provided that it reaches the consumer in a healthy and disinfected way."

Shaloodeh Ab Industrial Complex is a producer of various chlorine injection packages, including types of chlorinator capacities, gas, liquid, (generator) systems, and salt electrolysis, which are used to disinfect and remove algae or any type of pollution in water. , this collection, by using science and talented scholars and combining it with the technology of experienced and experienced personnel, is currently one of the most powerful and stable (with the highest quality) producers of these systems in Iran. It is known to the world that receiving various letters of appreciation and wide satisfaction with the country's huge complexes, including the oil, gas, and petrochemical industries of the Ministry of Energy and all the key industries of the country, is proof of this claim.



it is the Holder of the most valid domestic and international certificates and standards.



Disinfection systems compatible with chlorine  have been implemented in all industrial complexes, large and small industries, subsidiaries of the Ministry of Energy, etc.


Specialized meetings and  100% free consultation will be held to review the issue  and choose the  system and capacity of the chlorine injection package will be and announced.

Design build

Feasibility and point-by-point  investigation  of water supply lines and design, construction, and adaptation of chlorination system are done according to the existing conditions and the needs of the requesting unit.