Pressure Gage

It is used to measure the pressure of gas lines and the input pressure to the chlorinator. It is completely […]

Auxiliary Valve

The auxiliary valve is a needle valve that is installed on the tank valve in chlorination systems to protect the […]

Flexible Pipe

The silver flexible pipes of the water are in such a way that the end part is in the form […]

Pressure Reducer Valve Cl2

In this product, the inlet gas pressure can be adjusted from 0.5 bar to 30 bar. The pressure breaker is […]

Control Panel

The automatic chlorination system is designed to accurately inject chlorine gas and minimize human errors. The basis of this system’s […]

Wall Valve

Wall valve (chlorine gas adjustment valve that can be installed on the wall) This system is placed between the chlorine […]

Filter Trap

200 kg trap filter system containing PTFE mesh fibers for chlorine gas

Heater Dryer

The heater-dryer for chlorine gas may sometimes freeze (liquefy) during the use of chlorine gas. To prevent disruption in the […]

Vacuum Ejector

The new vacuum ejectors are equipped with a diaphragm to prevent water from returning to the chlorinator, and they also […]