To develop its activities in water disinfection, Shaloodeh Ab Company has started to produce salt electrolysis systems to produce water substances on site. About the expansion and development of disinfection systems using salt electrolysis, Shalodeh ab Company has made and designed continuous systems for different capacities, the advantages of which are safety, high disinfection quality, simple operation, reducing the need for the presence of a human operator and economic cost. It is suitable. This system fully automatically produces sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl) solution, which is one of the main derivatives of chlorine and is used to disinfect all types of water, including drinking water, water and wastewater treatment plants, cooling towers, blue sports sets, and… are used. The salt electrolysis system is fed by salt water solution, which significantly reduces operating costs compared to other chlorination methods. Its effortless management, on the other hand, has made its use welcome.